Are your options for bathroom remodeling in Long Island, NY leaving you less-than-inspired? If you’re looking for something extra that can take your bath or shower design from drab to fab, adding a little texture might do the trick.Below are three simple yet profound ways that you can transform any lack-luster remodel into an elegant, awe-inspiring retreat.

Customize with Simulated Tile Shower Walls

There’s a lot to love about simulated tile shower walls. For one, they provide the beauty of ceramic tile but without the steep price tag. They are also remarkably easy to clean and durable, so you never have to deal with cracked tile or mildew. Plus, with so many patterns and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find a look that speaks to you:

  • Standard Tile: Choose from a variety of square tile prints ranging in size from 4” x 4” to 12” x 12” to create a classic look that you will love for years.
  • Diamond Tile: For a traditional-looking bath or shower surround that captures your eye, diamond tile is a great choice.
  • Windmill Tile: This stunning pairing of the horizontal and vertical tile creates a timeless appeal that’s anything but ordinary.
  • Subway Tile: Simple yet chic, subway tiles are a popular choice for both contemporary and retro bathroom styles.

Complement Your Style with Accent Trim

Once you have found your perfect bath or wall surround, consider adding a dose of personality to your bathroom remodel with accent trim. We provide Santa Fe Listtello Accent Trim that can be used to accent both smooth and textured walls.

Enhance Bathroom Walls using Wainscoting

Now you have a bath or shower that is truly elegant, but why stop there? Adding texture to the walls of your bathroom with stylish and expertly installed wainscoting will tie your entire look together. Wainscoting has been used for centuries to provide walls with a beautiful, easy-to-clean surface that is more durable than plain walls.

Contact Our Long Island Bathroom Remodelers for a Custom Bath or Shower!

The simplest details can turn your bath or shower design into a beautiful escape that you will love. As a trusted Long Island bathroom remodeling company, we look forward to helping you create the bath or shower of your dreams! If you’d like to learn more about our style options or get a free cost estimate, give us a call, or submit our online form now.